7 x 2 hour lessons by video on Thursdays
Dates: from May 28th until July 09th
20:00 – 22:00  (youngsters & adults)

Teacher: Nils Hilbers
Method: live video-chat (Google Hangouts or Zoom)

Price; 200 euro

When you are 18th or younger you can have the course price subsidized by JKC (Jeugd CultuurFonds).


Make your own website with WordPress at MAD

WordPress is the world’s most popular open-source content management system. That’s a fancy way of saying that it allows you to quickly create a website online in just 2 months. More info about WordPress? Just visit: Do you want to make your own website? For a local initiative, your own company or because you have an awesome hobby?  In seven weeks you will be coached from design to realization of your own created website.

We recommend using self-hosted because it gives you access to all the WordPress features out of the box. So do not register with because that way you will have fewer features and the website will be on a web server owned by The WordPress software is free, but you will need web hosting for the software. To get really technical your hosting must have a database for WordPress. You will also need to choose your domain. Don’t worry, a lot of web hosters offer a special package-deal for WordPress that includes everything you need, because a lot of people want to start with a WordPress website.

What do you need for this course?

1. You need a computer with an internet connection and a browser. (no tablets!)

2. You need a working internet connection to use video chat. (microphone & sound)
3. Free time on Thursday evening

4. You don’t need to have any coding or programming skills.

What will you learn?

1. Learn how to install and set up a WordPress website
2. Learn how to create, edit and manage content in WordPress
3. Learn how to change & use WordPress themes
4. Learn how to use plugins, and what the best plugins are!
5. How to search engine optimize (SEO) WordPress (basic)
6. Add multiple images, embed videos and sound files to your website
7. How to create and add contact forms to your WordPress site
8. How to edit and create navigation menus
9. Learn how to make a portfolio or a blog
10. Learn how to translate your WordPress website to different languages (basic)
11. Give examples of how you can make a webshop (basic)

This course is a course for ambitious people who want to present themselves (or their business) online in a good way. We will build a website together during this course so that you will have a website online after the 7 lessons.

From your web hoster you will need:
1. A domain (that is the website address that users will type to visit your website.
2. A webserver (where all your website files will be stored).
3. A database for WordPress

Three examples of good web hosters are:

1. ICT United  (Costs from € 42,- a year) send an email to: and tell them that you are doing this WordPress course with teacher: Nils Hilbers

2. (Basic)

3. (Enthusiast)

It is possible to install WordPress in the first lesson
Do not worry, if getting the right web hoster is too difficult, please contact Nils Hilbers and he will help you. Please e-mail: If your web hoster has not installed WordPress already, we will install WordPress on your own web server in the first lesson (May 28th) and start building your website together as quickly as possible.


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